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Baby name popularity - help
Can you just say what you think of each name, why, and how popular/unusual it is where you live? Thanks so much!

Aiofe (Pronounced EE-fa)
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Commented By: Tara On: 04-08-2011

Im in Perth, Western Australia, heres what I think of the names :o) -

Katherine - I love this name and I particularly love it with a K. I like it spelt Kathryn even more! Quite a few in Perth however most are spelt with a C.
Elizabeth - I quite like this name, not my favourite, but I like Lizzie a lot. Havent met many in Perth.
Marian/Marianne - I have heard of a lot of people with these names, I still really like it though
Bonnie - I hate this name, only because there was a contestant on big brother once called Bonnie and she was sooo horrible, put me off for life hahaha
Sally - One of my favourites, I think its different, only ever met one Sally in my life!
Georgiana - cute, I prefer Georgia, never met a Georgiana before so its unique!
Cordelia - I like this!! never heard it here before
Lydia - really cute name, quite popular but I really like it!
Roxanne - I love love love this name, its my favourite, unique and love the name Roxy too :o)
Caitlyn - really nice, fairly popular!
Molly - I like this name but it is the most popular name for a dog in Australia haha
Helena - beautiful :o) know a few Helen's but not Helena's
Aiofe (Pronounced EE-fa) - my friend had a baby last week and funny enough she called her Aoife :o) very pretty, only know one!
Cleopatra - dont like this sorry :o(

Commented By: rayne On: 04-08-2011

Katherine: Not overly popular. I ADORE the name. Not too sure why though.
Elizabeth: Fairly common. I like it, but it's a little old fashioned.
Marian/Marianne: Not too common. I don't particularly like it.
Bonnie: Common. Seems very 70s to me. I'm not too fond of it.
Sally: Kind of common. I like it.
Georgiana: Not too common. I like it, but it's very long.
Cordelia: Rare. I really like it. It's got a kind of Gothic tone to it.
Lydia: Not too common. I like it.
Roxanne: Fairly common. It's okay.
Caitlyn: Common name, unique spelling. I like it.
Molly: Common. I don't like it, it's too boring. :P
Helena: Not too common. I don't like it.
Aiofe: Never heard it before. Don't like it. Too hard to spell and pronounce. Not a practical name.
Cleopatra: Quite rare. I like it quite a bit.

I live in Alberta, Canada.

P.S. My favorite name is Rayne. I think I was given the most beautiful name in the world. I couldn't have asked for a better one. Unique, but easy to explain and most people can pronounce it easily.

Commented By: Arushi On: 04-08-2011

I like Lydia and Molly. It is not common here in India.

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