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Books, Resources to understand more about some of the Indian Businesses and Indian Stock Market
I am looking for some reading material to increase my awareness on Indian Businesses and Indian Stock Market.

Indian Businesses
What are the core operations of the blue chip companies like L&T, HDFC Bank, ICICI, HUL, ONGC etc, what are their competitive strengths, weaknesses, business models etc.
A crystallized summary of the growth of these companies and their future endeavors.

Indian Stock Market
Here I am looking for some understanding of the key principles like fundamental analysis, ratios to look out for etc.
Also, I want to get some understanding of the nature of the Indian stock market. What are the key drivers like agriculture, Interest rates, govt policies etc.
I have tried to find such books online but most of the material available is written by US authors and not relevant to India.
I have read a couple of books of Indian authors, that I could lay hands upon. They had some useful content( because it was contextual to India) but were mostly disappointing in giving the overall picture.

Please let me know if you know of any good books on the above subjects or can point to some online resources.
So far, I have been referring to, investopedia etc for my information gathering.
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