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Cannot open msg file in read only mode


We migrated to SharePoint 2010 and we are facing below issue. Can somebody help.

I am unable to open file types like 'msg' in read-only mode from the document libraries that are created after upgrading from SharePoint Server 2007 to SharePoint 2010. When we choose to open the files in read-only mode, we receive a prompt to save the file locally or cancel it. We can open other file.

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Commented By: Robert On: 12-10-2012

We had similar issue and it was resolved by following below steps. This occurs due to BrowserFileHandling property not properly set.

Run the below command in SharePoint Powershell

#Get Web
$web = Get-SPWeb "http://yourspweburl"

#Get Document Library
$docLib = $web.lists["Your Document Library Title"]

#View all properties/methods of the Document Library and you'll see that BrowserFileHandling is a property $docLib | Get-Member

#See the current BrowserFileHandling setting for the Document Library $docLib.BrowserFileHandling

#If you need to change it from Strict to Permissive $docLib.BrowserFileHandling = "Permissive"

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