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Found a condom wrapper in boyfriend trash

Been seeing a man for a little over a year. It's been ups and downs but our main problems or so I thought was he had emotional issues. He even cried in front of me because he couldn't understand why he was messed up on the inside and unable to show love. Within the past 2 months he told me he didn't want a "relationship" because he needed time to get himself together. We still talk on the phone every day and night. I asked him if it was because he wanted to see other women. He said no. Lately I noticed everytime I came over he wanted me to park my car in the garage hidden when I stayed over.

I started getting suspicious and asked him again if he was sleeping with other women. He said no. He said he would never hurt me that way. Last Monday I snooped and found 2 condoms in his dresser drawer and 2 pics of a woman. I didn't say anything just in case he would come back at me saying those were old.

Well just now I found one of the condoms missing in his drawer and the opened wrapper in his trash can downstairs. I'm so angry and hurt right now that all I can do is cry. I gave this man all the love I had and he just basically lied to me and threw my heart back in my face like it was not good enough for him.

How should I handle this? Ladies or even guys...should I confront him when he gets home from work and tell him it's over. Should I try and catch him in the act and bust him in front of this woman? I want to smack the sh*t out of him. He slept with me last Monday and last night so within a week he screwed this other woman. Who knows how long he has been doing this? We talk every night before going to bed. I call him late at night and he answers. How the hell did he even have time to do this?

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Commented By: holly On: 05-10-2011

he could use them to masterbate you should just ask him nicely if he hesitates or gets angry you know what you know what you need to do
Commented By: Joe On: 17-08-2011

Move on, make him feel you have dumped him, and never let him know you know the truth, this will cause him to feel dejected and inferior ultimately a looser....


Commented By: vivek On: 20-07-2011

Wow... he is clearly cheating... cut your ties and move on!

Commented By: savvy On: 22-06-2011

Wow you need to definitely confront him. He's clearly lying to you , and probably other women if he's making you hide your car in the garage. Like you said , he's got emotional problems so maybe he needs someone else when your not around. But really , there's no excuse for it.
It doesn't matter if you don't have a " relationship" if he's sleeping with another women or woman then I personally think you have the right to know about it. He shouldn't be lying
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