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Hindu girl and Christian boy marriage

I have a friend who is girl and she is in love with a Christian boy. They are going around for last 3 years. Now they want to marry each other. But the girl  has small doubt.

Can a hindu girl get married to a Christian boy without the boy getting converted to Hinduism, and can a Christian boy marry a Hindu girl without converting her?

Please reply according to religious belief and scriputres.

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Commented By: Joe On: 16-08-2011

If you both are broad minded everything is possible, or its just a pain in the end...becareful love sometimes brings more pain than happiness.

Commented By: Krish On: 25-07-2011 ur que legal.?.thne i dont know but ...yes i live in Us and i hav seen some indian girl married to white us guy,...their marrage is sucessful and she still follows hindu religion and he is a days marrage in morden society is just like livng togather....earloer it was a spritual journey....
Commented By: Iyaapa On: 26-07-2011

Dear Buddy,

It is better and let them not get married (This is my reply on religious aspect).

It is better and let them get married (This is my reply on legal aspect)

Best of Luck.

Regards & May God Bless

G Senthil Iyappan

Commented By: life On: 26-07-2011

In Christian marriages,it's not possible without conversion because you have to get sanction from your own church......

One of my Hindu friend got married to a Christian girl in a temple without conversion and keeping the secret as such and saying that the girl is Hindu.............

All the best to your friend...Take care....

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