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Home exercises to loose weight
I am a girl of 24 years age. And my weight is 89 Kgs. I want to loose some weight. What is the easiest way to loose weight and that too around my stomach and thighs.
I dont want to go to gym, what excercises can I do at home to flatten my belly and thighs.?
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Commented By: Dan On: 15-06-2011

Abdominal definition is at least 75% diet, so keep a clean, healthy, low fat diet. For exercise, there are so many options: pilates, belly dancing, traditional crunches and situps, stability ball exercises, ab wheel, balance board exercises, weight machines, and tons more....

 Keep in mind, you should change your routine every 4-6 weeks to continue showing progress

Commented By: pump On: 20-07-2011

Let somebody pump you every day and nite.. It will help u ..
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