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How can I lose weight
I am 24 years old and weigh 95 kg. My height is 5"6. I want to lose weight for my boyfriend who finds my too fat for his liking. He dislikes me when I am nude with him.

I want to make good impression on him while I am nude with him. Please suggest how can I lose weight effectively and as early as possible.
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Commented By: Prashant On: 13-02-2011

drink juices and lots of water...
Commented By: Prashant On: 13-02-2011

also eat lots of salad
Commented By: Joe On: 16-08-2011

Buy a life size sexy poster of some babe and stick it over yourself, so when you get nude your boyfriend will love your poster figure....
Commented By: Sharmita On: 31-12-2010

Sure you can do it if you just take it as each day without any target.

All you have to do is hit the gym, do cardi for 10 minutes like cycling and jogging. Then on alterante day do some weight training, it helps to burn calories and fat. Also do crunches and sit ups on daily basis, this will reduce weight at the stomach and back portion.

Coming to diet, please avoid milk products and rice products. No junk food. Have whatever you want on Sundays to fulfill your eatign habit desire.
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