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I love my friend but he ignores me on weekdays
We are dating for around 1 year now. We work in the same office for last 2 years. I am 23 and he is 30 and divorce. He is good to me on weekend when I go to his house and sleep with him, but after that he ignores me and never picks my call or respond to my message. But as soon as the weekend arrives he calls me and picks me from my home and is very good to me. This is going on for last 2-3 months. And when I ask confront him regarding this he says that he is very busy during weekdays and has no time for me but weekend he wants to spend with me and sleep with me.

I love him and don't want to loose him in anyway. Do you think this guy is just with me for sexual relation?

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Commented By: lemoda On: 08-06-2011

Ok what you need to do is ignore him. Yup that's right I said ignore. What I mean by this is that when he next tries to contact you brush him off or don't even reply for a couple of weeks. Then he wil be wondering what you're up to. Then finally contact him but be real brief and make out you're super busy. Say that you'll call him. But don't and wait till he contacts you and wants to see you. You need to make him feel like he could lose you so then he will try to get you.

Commented By: Amigo On: 08-06-2011

It is all a matter of perspective.
In your mind, seems like your are a romantic spirit; in his, you're are a convenience, like filling in the blanks. . .
If the pursue in life for you means finding real love, listen to your heart and it will tell you the truth, always! (that's what happened that you wrote for help; your instinct called you) If you're up just for some lust, that's what already arrived.
Remember the old learnings: sex never drives into love; the opposite is true: love brings to the joy of an intimate and lasting relationship.

Commented By: Progen On: 08-06-2011

He only wants to sleep with you and nothing more. Being busy is understandable but your a woman and you have needs as well. Its not right that only his needs are being met (weekends). Its understandable to be busy but by not picking up the phone or talking to you during weekdays is no excuse.


He could easily call weeknights before bed or during breaks. Dating is more than sex such as doing other activities.


Movies, dates, dinner, or whatever. You should open and clear things up so that this relationship is balanced.

Commented By: anupama On: 08-06-2011

You may better talk to him regarding this before you sleep with him.

Commented By: jhon smith On: 15-07-2014

He wants to fuck you just in weekends because he fucks other girls during the week so he can't fuck you all in the same time. he is a human he needs break please think about it
Commented By: Behroz On: 15-07-2014

I am looking for a girlfriend so contact me and leave him
Commented By: Brooke On: 20-06-2014

He might be married.
Commented By: doesntmatter On: 25-06-2012

this is the most demented thing i have read. how could u possibly call this a relationship... he clearly is bootycalling you for the weekend. its just sex. this is not a relationship. 
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