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Looking for good Vaccum Cleaners

Hi All

I am looking for a reviews and recommendations on Vacuum Cleaners for house dusting/cleaning. Please share your inputs.

1) I would use it primarily for dusting (in specific curtains/shelves etc) as we already have a maid for daily floor cleaning / mopping.

2) During my research I came to know that recent models of vacuum cleaners are coming with HEPA (High-efficiency Particulate Air) filters that help people with dust related allergies. Please share if anyone has any experience with vacuum cleaners that incorporate this technology.

3) Price range : ~10K

4) During my research, I found that there were decent (mixed but slightly better than others) reviews for following models. Please share your response to my queries and your
experience if anyone owns anyone of these models.

a. Panasonic MC-CG303/Panasonic MC-CG304
Query: These models incorporate “Air Dust Catcher”. Is it similar to/same as HEPA filter mentioned in point (2) above?

b. Bosch GAS 11-21
Query: This seems to be a powerful “on-site dust extractor” but without HEPA filter. Anyone owning this device, please share your experience and thoughts on “on-site dust extractor”.
c. Bosch SKIL 8715
Query: This one seems to have HEPA filter but there are not many reviews available online to conclude on this. Anyone owning this device, please share your experience.
d. Karcher (Karcher T7/1, Karcher WD 4.200)

Query: I found some good reviews online for vacuum cleaner of this brand. But seems that finding accessories is an issue. They don’t supply many accessories as standard and there are not many vendors who sell the accessories. Anyone having first-hand experience, please share your inputs

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Commented By: pankaj karnwal On: 11-09-2017


This is awesome article.


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