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My friend lost her virginity to a guy she barely knows

One of  my friend and I are 20 and yesterday she slept wth a guy she barely knows ! i was really surprised when she told me...she was crying and plus the lied bout using a condom...smh so my question is what should i tell her ?

 shes like crying and not really sure what to say because personally ive only had 1 boyfriend and never even kissed a how am i supossed o give her advice about should i stay her friend or drop her...weve een friends since 12th grade...thx for answer

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Commented By: Rana On: 17-09-2011

well, whatever she did depends upon her personal interest and if so, in that case u can't do any thing. she is just showing off.
But if she really feels guilty & is the reason of her cry, then u shd advise him to relax, mistakes happens. try to know why she did so n not to repeate.
but in both cases its not seen to leave her becuase she done some wrong.  its very early stage n mistakes happens..she deserve the second chance..

Commented By: theMJ_92 On: 18-08-2011

fuck!! that sux idk i feel pretty bad for her, btw what do u mean by "drop her"?? u fuckin serious?? thats one fucked up situation

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