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My sister is going out with some boy

She's only 14 years old. She has really changed. She spends most of her time in her room, on her Blackberry or on Facebook. She hardly sees our dad, apart from to ask for money for clothes, makeup etc. She spends 2 hours getting ready for school.. She has this 'attitude' thing going on which she most probably picked up from her friends who are under the illusion that they are gangsters. My mom caught her hugging a boy in the street, but this was a different boy to the one she's going out with now.

 I guess she's just doing it to be popular. I can see in her eyes that she's not happy, but she wants to fit in with her friends and she's so absorbed in this dunya, it's unbelievable. What would be the Islamic thing to do in this sit.? I have tried talking to her, so please don't say "just talk to her". We have gone past that stage. I really don't know how to get her interested in Islam, or if not that, then at least to focus on her education and future instead of her petty social life & boys.

Thanks in advance.

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Commented By: tina On: 14-02-2011

If possible get some good and Allah fearing muslims girls to be her friend. And maybe send her to some muslims women gathering where they talk about Quran and hadiths.

We need to teach our brothers and sisters the value of Quran and how Allah the creator of the world will take account of out deeds here in this world. Explain her that she will have to answer Allah and along with she is also damaging image of her parents/brothers/family and Muslims women.

Buy some good Islamic books on how Muslim women should conduct herself in this world.

You can also show her the last sermon by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Where he clearly says about how a women should live her life.

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