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My teen daughter pregnant
Okay my daughter Beth Ann is the oldest and she is 12years old. One of my oldest but younger than Beth, Lucy Marie, is 9years old. My middle child is Andrea Brandon and she is 5 years old. I have 2year old twins, Riley and Evermore are my children. But right now i have adopted a 15 year old girl. Lately she has wanted to go to parties and go to her new boyfriends house. I don't no what to think really. I have caught her kissing her new boyfriend, or Dillon, on the bed. My other kids have been curious to what they are doing. They have accused her of making funny animal noises when her boyfriend is in her room. I have yet to catch her in the act... I wonder id she is having sex at a age too young. I can't kick her or both out because i haven't caught them in the act. Just about 10 minutes ago, my adopted daughter came to me. She had to talk to me about sex.

And well she broke the news that she is pregnant! I don't know how to react. Should i make her keep the baby, or have an abortion. I am totally against abortion! But i don't know what to do. She can't take it to school or anything! My husband died about a year ago. My life has been hectic. I feel as if all this is my fault, for not talking to her about sex. I am having financial problems right now, and i'm not going to send the baby to get adopted. My daughter wouldn't like that. She has been through it, she knows what it's like. I asked her what she wanted to do with the baby, and she cried. She didn't know what to do. She apologized, i didn't even know what to do or say. Help, advice would be appreciated!
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Commented By: Deobrah On: 01-07-2010

Get the boy who made her pregnant and they should keep the baby.
Commented By: rk On: 07-07-2011

get the baby aborted - will save a lot of bother later as neither u nor ur daughter is ready yet.
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