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Need help - Notice period change WITHOUT our acknowledgement
I am working for an IT MNC in Mumbai, India.

At the time of joining the company, the notice period was 1 month and it is in my hard copy agreement signed by me and the company. After few months the company send everyone an email changing the notice period to 3 months. They have not asked use to acknowledge nor they have give any hard copy that is signed by them or by the employee.

In such situation, what are my options legally? I am planning to join a new organization and want to serve only 1 month notice period.

Any help will be useful.
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Commented By: vikram On: 27-03-2012

Once they have entered into a contract providing for 1 month notice period, they cannot afterwards unilaterally change it to 3 months - any change/variation/novation(substitution of old contract with new one) can be done only with consent of both you and employer. This particular term is not binding on you and is as good as none, your silence even cannot be taken as implied admission of the term. 

However my opinion is still subject to a perusal of the email and original contract. 

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