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Search Server 2008 assigned to an indexer error

I have installed Search Server 2008 express on the WSS 3.0 farm. The installation went smoothly. I also configured and did crawl the content source after creating the SSP. However after the crawl is complete I am unable to search any documents from any of the site collection.

I get the error message "Your search cannot be completed because this site is not assigned to an indexer. Contact your administrator for more information.”

I have only one server in the farm.

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Commented By: sharepointexpert On: 13-09-2011

Please try this.

1.Central admin-> operations ->services on a server-> choose the server which you want to be you index server.
2. Click Office Sharepoint server search-> start-> provide the DB credentials-> choosed a role-> Inex or query server.
3. If you want to choose a specific WFE to crawl select it from the drop down menu...but its recommended to leave it as
"use all WFE for crawling"
4. Go to the SSP admin page-> serach settings-> Content sources-> perfrom a full crawl.

Note: If you don't see the Office Sharepoint Server Search, you've chosen the option "WFE" while installig MOSS. To get the search feature you have to uinstall and reinstall MOSS using the option "Complete"  in the initial installation screen.

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