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Should I tell my bf that I can't reach orgasm

I have tried everything, different possitions, foreplay, oral stimulation etc but nothing. The only way I can get off is using a hard steam on my clitor while showering. I feel frustrating and really sad. Am I not normal ?

Should I say my pathner that i did orgasm or lie ? He does everything for me but I just cant get off. (same was with my previous patners). Dont want him to think that I am not normal and having some problems.

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Commented By: raes On: 02-06-2014

Ur a nice lady.
Be cool and enjoy your life.
All drives are having different category. Those drives doesn't matter with long or small. Self satisfaction is important.

Commented By: Scott On: 08-08-2011

You may simply need a larger penis and someone that can go for an hoyr or so to help you orgasm.
Commented By: vivek On: 20-07-2011

they say fat girls dont easily have orgasms... go to the gym and work out... finger yourself after he has ejaculated... men dont mind that!

Commented By: Malachy On: 28-03-2012

Dont under any circumstance tell him, youll break his heart.

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