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Should I tell my mum? That I think my stepdad is a perv?
Last week about 2am I woke up to find my stepdad was in my room standing over me in bed he wasn't doin anything to me he was just steering at me I said what do you want but he just apologised and left my room, I spoke with him before school and he said I must have dreamt it? Anyways on Monday I got home early from school and found him holding and smelling a pair of my nix! He said he was checking if they needed washing. I don't know if I'm just overeacting or if I should be worried and tell my mum any advice plz
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Commented By: nxj On: 14-03-2012

Wow I feel so sorry for you. im sorry but you're not overreacting, he actually is a perv/pedo.

Please tell your mum immediately before he hurts you, or tries anything.
It's possible that your mum will turn a blind eye, and be in denial as she doesn't want to lose him.

if that happens, then its about to get worse for you, the next step would be contacting the police.

I hope he gets out of your life without too much trouble
Commented By: Yash Raj On: 30-08-2013

Hug him, kiss him & let him to do whatever he wants to do.
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