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To move files and retain the change date Sharepoint
Hello Experts,

I am new user of Sharepoint. We have site where we have lot of documents. We want to move some documents to the archive folder in the same document library. I don't know how to do it in bulk.

I am not allowed to drag the documents over. If I save the documents on desktop for so to upload them – the date changes to the day’s date.

I want to retain the modified date to the original date. Please help.
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Commented By: sharepointexpert On: 12-10-2010

This what you need to do move the documents, but if you want it to be moved without the change of the date, then go no further then this. Because, moving the documents, the date change will take place. This is out of box behavior.

You can use explorer view to copy/cut and move/paste the documents to other folder. This is very similar to how we perform copy operation on local machine.
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