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Tool bar missing from document library.
I have a default document library, and I am the site collection administrator of the Sharepoint site.

Today I find that there is no Tool bar like New, Upload, Action and Settings. I have full permission to this Shared document library.

Can anyone let me know whats wrong with Sharepoint settings?
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Commented By: Deepan On: 13-07-2012

Hi Aruna,
have u got it? even i m struggling with the same problem.
toolbar is missing in document library...
Commented By: Kirby L. Wallace On: 13-08-2012

Thanks,... That helped me.  On the first hit in the google list, too!  ;-)


Tulsa, Oklahoma USA


Commented By: sharepointexpert On: 15-06-2010

It looks like your document library web part is modified.

Try this.
1. Go to the document library.
2. Click on Site Action and then on Edit Page.
3. Modify the web part. By clicking on edit on the web part page. You will get a window on right side of the library.
4. In the Toolbar Type drop down, please select "Full Toolbar".
5. Click on 'OK"
5. Exit the Edit Mode.

Now you should see the full toolbar in the document library.

Let me know if this helped.
Commented By: mk On: 19-09-2012

The only one that brought back the toolbar was "Show Toolbar". It was alread yset to "Full Toolbar" and it did tno shop untilo one item in the library was checkboxed.
Commented By: Anne Loveless On: 24-02-2012

In SharePoint 2010 I noticed another option instead of Full Toolbar.   "Show Toolbar".

This shows something like the SharePoint 2007 Full Toolbar.

Commented By: aruna On: 30-07-2010

This resolved the issue. Thanks sharepointexpert.
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