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WSS 3.0 PDF search results not working
I have a problem on WSS 3.0 search result for PDF documents.

I have installed the PDF ifilter and the pdf are crawled too, When I search for it the results are displayed for pdf documents but the icons are of IE. Secondly, clicking on search result link takes me to the property of the document rather then opening the document. I also cannot search for the content of the pdf files.

I have modifed the DOCICON.XML file, and also added the registry key for pdf ifilter. I am using PDF ifilter 5. Please help.
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Commented By: Maruthu On: 11-01-2012


Did you add the PDF type in the FILE TYPES to be crwaled in the Search Server Administration ?

I hope adding it will help you.




Commented By: sharepointexpert On: 19-08-2010

Run this query on the Search database of WSS and check if you are getting any errors or not.

select msscrawlurllog.lasttouchstart as "Crawl Time", msscrawlurllog.displayurl as URL, msscrawlurllog.errorid as Error, msscrawlerrorlist.errormsg as "Error Description"

from msscrawlurllog join msscrawlerrorlist on msscrawlurllog.errorid = msscrawlerrorlist.errorid

order by msscrawlurllog.lasttouchstart desc
Commented By: Joel On: 22-09-2010

The symptoms points to this KB article
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