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What was the most evil thing you did
I went on a date with my best friend father without the knowledge of my friend! I wish I would have not done that ever!
What was the most evil thing that you did in the last 12 months and wish you had not done that.
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Commented By: Aliss On: 06-06-2011

I put some mayonaise in a hand cream lotion bottle belonging to a co-worker...
Commented By: bawa On: 06-06-2011

what looks evil to others may actually be something holy and highly appreciable and human to many. So how can i say i have done something which i shud not have done.

Commented By: Gala On: 06-06-2011

I lied and told my wife I was listening to her.

Commented By: Shane On: 06-06-2011

 I do not regret the evil things I have done, and I do not single out one particular action as they have all been deliciously evil.
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