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What will you choose? Islam or something else.

This question is to all my Muslims Brothers and Sisters. If you are not Muslim, please ignore and hit back button of your browser.

Question: If you have choose (only one) between following things, what you will choose?

A) Islam
B) Money
C) Power
D) Life - without Islam

Please give your opinion, and if possible comments too.
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Commented By: Ibrahim On: 08-07-2010

Islam in it's purest form will get you everything you need.
Commented By: saffy On: 11-02-2011

of course islam.
islam gives you power and respect
islam makes you happy, even if you do not have money.Allah is the one who is responsible to give us our bread.
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Commented By: Shakil On: 18-06-2010

I will choose my religion ISLAM. There is no life, no money with Islam.
Commented By: Shakil On: 18-06-2010

Correction to above. I mean there is no life, no money without ISLAM.
Commented By: rahil On: 20-06-2010

Islam. That is enough to have a wonderful life on this planet and hereafter.
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