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When a boy says he likes me
Theres this guy, we have known each other for ages, and we started to text last year and I went round his house the other week. We sat on his sofa, watched a movie and he put his arm around me while massaging my shoulder :) I left and we carried on texting, but I wasnt sure what 'we were' lol.
SO yesterday I txt him saying 'Ive got something to tell have to guess' He replied 'Hmm not sure, is it something between me and you' and I said 'I like you :)'.
He then replied 'How much' I said 'It doesnt matter, you dont feel the same, so I look silly now' and he said 'not true' I said 'whats not true' and he said 'that you think I dont like you :) x'
So then I said ' how much' He said 'a bit ;)' then I said im going to bed and he replied night night xxxxxx
SOOOOOOOOO, my question is, does he like me, or does he just think of me as a friend, and what should I text him saying today?
THANKS, sorry I know this is a bit too much quoting
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Commented By: ashlee On: 27-05-2011

arrgh typical male saying a bit. id say hes definitly into you but not quite wanting you as a gf yet. maybe hang out with him again see what happens. and you could txt him saying so about what you said last nite does that mean you want to see me again? theres a good starter txt hun
goodluck :)

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