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Why do some people think that keeping Muslims away will make this place a better world?
Laws are law be it Sharia or legal law. it cannot be changed for some body be a King or the law maker himself. So the arguments about various Sharia laws is fragile and do not stand strong.

I can argue Christians nun wears scarf, why not two piece bikini and mini skirts. Why head scarf? Mini skirts generates more looks toward you then head scarf, so why it should to be worn be catholic Nuns?

Please give appropriate reasons when you answer
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Commented By: shazia On: 13-04-2011

Agree with jurgen, people hate us because of our faith in one god. Imagine a place with muslims! Even the earth will not like it and will come to its end.
Commented By: OMG On: 16-03-2011

Bad publicity because of a few terrorists.

They forget the Irish Christian terrorists that bombed my country for over 30 years.
Commented By: Jurgen On: 16-03-2011

I do agree that keeping Muslims away will make this place a better world for sinners, gamblers, adulterers, alcoholics, drug addict, abortionist,slanderers and lairs etc,etc.

But the choice is always yours-be a polytheist, an idolator,or an iconoclast.

Little can be said about the Sharia unless one is familiar with the Judaic traditions.
Commented By: Muslim On: 20-07-2011

The reason is simple- All Muslims may not be terrorists but all terrorists are muslims...
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