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Why the western countries/people are so much against Islam?
Be it minaret of mosque, or burqa/veil of muslim women, or the reverend prophet of Islam. They seem to have problem with everything that is connected to Islam and Muslims. Why?

If something is good for western people, not necessary that it will be good for Islam as well.

And as following the rules of the countires you are in, will christians ask the nun to remove the headscarf in non-christian countries?

Islam has its own rules that cannot be broken and same with Jews/christians/hindu and has nothing to do with the rules of the states. And, it is in Christianity to give your other cheek if you are slap on other but in Islam from the day one, it says, an eye for an eye, a nose for a nose and a tooth for a tooth.

So whats the problem with it?
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Commented By: hanuman On: 04-04-2011

why can't muslims live as normal humans do , they always want to stand out as MUSLIMS first than humans. In all relegion's God first created man (human) not muslims.
Commented By: Tom Madison On: 06-04-2011

reason for it is this

if a wack job christian does something wrong or hurts a bunch of people  1 million chirstians will stand up and say something

when someone who says there islamic does something wrong theres dead silence afterwards from the muslims 

if you had a out cry from muslims about terrorists maybe you would have something to yap about 

p.s not christian or muslim     but muslims seam to love being picked on   maybe thats why they never speak out  inless its something where they can sue < head scarfs building permits etc etc >

Commented By: Aman On: 17-03-2011

It's the whole media "OMG Islam=terrorism" schtick people have gotten into. Any time there's a hated group in the USA or western world, it remains hated until they find someone else to hate. It's very juvenile
Commented By: John On: 17-03-2011

As a Westerner, I have nothing but respect and admiration for the followers of Islam. It is, as with all religions, only the fundamentalist fringe that craves power and distorts the teaching of the Prophet (Blessings on His Holy Name). Islam is good and has co-existed with many cultures through the ages but I think it is movements like the Taliban (students) that are set upon causing disruption and therefore giving the peaceable followers a bad time
Commented By: Ed On: 17-03-2011

Tina, your entire religion and belief system is built on the testimony of one man. Mohammed, seeking truth, had a revelation which he himself questioned, if it be of God or not. In the Jewish tradition therefore, we say: "By the mouth of two or more witnesses, let every word be established".
Where is the second witness for Islaam? There is none. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has four, primarily and many others subsequently. According to the spiritual entity which spoke to Mohammed, God CANNOT HAVE A SON. The Only Begotten Son of God, Jesus is what the entire western civilization is built on, and Islaam says: God cannot have a Son. Yes, we are against that.
Commented By: Robert On: 17-03-2011

11/9 has been used to vilify Islam in recent times.

And there is a huge amount of oil and gas under Islamic lands.

 There are over 100 internationally recognised Christian terrorist groups.
There are two Baptist armies in India that are guilty of mass-murder, rape and forced conversions. There are the Christian Militias in Indonesia and of course The Lord`s Resistance Army in and around Uganda that uses it`s child soldiers to kill, rape and pillage all in the name of Christianity.
I could go on....

It is foolish to think that only Muslims are terrorists when it is quite obviously untrue.

Not so long ago a group called by the innocuous monicker `Concerned Christians` was actually thrown out of Israel for plotting bomb attacks.

Might I also add that there is a certain amount of evidence that US Evangelicals are funding most of the Christian terrorist groups. So be sure to ask where your money goes next time you donate to a Christian church.

Also most terrorist attacks in Europe have come from political organisations, not religious ones of late.

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