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ex girlfriend wants physical relation
She broke up with me a few weeks ago. We loved each other very much but she always thought she wasn't good enough for me. She still does... I want nothing more to be back together with her but she can't. She's back together with her abusive boyfriend. Anyway she still wants to have sex because I'm the best she's ever had. a few days ago and she loved it but still says she can't be with me..

There's nothing more I want then to make her happy, just to see her smile makes me so happy. Her family loves me and always want me over.

She does drugs and smokes regularly.

Would sleeping with her bring her back? She's a really sweet girl just really confused. She tells me she loves me that's why she can't be with me. She avoids me sometimes but when I'm with her she's so happy, she cries and giggles and won't let go of me. What can I do to get her back? I Want to help her.
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Commented By: pr On: 06-06-2011

You're being used. If you want to enjoy a few flings with her then go ahead.

Commented By: harmon On: 06-06-2011

I don't want to sound eccentric, but it sounds like she might need professional help, especially if she does drugs, smokes, AND has an abusive boyfriend that she picks over you. Obviously you just want the best for her, which I admire, but you cannot force people to fix themselves, they have to do it; all you can do is support them and lead them in the right direction.

Remember that she can't unconditionally love someone else until she loves herself. Have a chat with her, and I suggest you recommend her to go into treatment for drug problems and therapy regularly for emotionally inflicted abuse trauma. Best of luck

Commented By: Mike On: 06-06-2011

Sleeping with her won't fix things.
It won't bring her back, and if your doubting this, maybe you shouldn't do it?

She's using you for sex and you don't realize it.

You can't force her to love you no matter how happy you make her.
If she's serious about her choice, you need to let her make it.

If she really loved you, she'd be with you and want to make you happy.
But to me, it seems that she doesn't care about how you feel or what you want to do and she's exploiting your infatuation with her to her advantage.

There's plenty more people out there that would be with you, why don't you let her go?

Good luck.

Commented By: Ravi On: 13-06-2011

Fuck her as much as you can. the description you gave about her, she is typical WHORE. She is using you for her sexual satisfaction. Detach urself emotionally from/with her and enjoy her pu#$y. she is not even worth to be a girlfriend forget about she being a wife.

Commented By: vivek On: 20-07-2011

she just wants sex... ask her to do oral on you and then leave without doing anything to her... if she still wants you back then may be it will work... this technique always works!

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