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shall i go for home schooling
I am about 13 years old and I have always been interested in home schooling. I really don't want to brag, I'm just being honest, but I am very clever and I often already know what the teachers spend an hour explaining to the class. I really feel very bored at my school because I barely learn anything, not to mention the fact that I hate my school and the principal. Even subjects that could and should be interesting like humanities / SOSE / social studies / whatever you call it are dull for me. The teachers are always saying things such as: "We'll extend you to enrich and challenge you," but it's all rubbish and nothing like that ever happens. The only subject that I find challenging (but not too hard) is extention maths, but I only get this subject once a week.

However, I don't benefit much from my cleverness because I still get assignments and things which take ages to do but teach me nothing. I play two musical instruments - the recorder and the oboe - and I dream of practicing for an hour every day and getting really good at them, but I just don't have the time. If I was home schooled I would practice more. On the subject of social stuff, I do Scouts with lots of other people my age, I have two sisters, two cousins my age and a friend with whom I would keep in touch, and I would and I also meet and get to know lots of people in books.
I want do do home schooling not for any small reasons, but because I genuinely want to learn and reach my potential but I am not finding that easy to do at school.
Do you think that home schooling or online schooling would be a good solution to my problems?
I live in Australia.
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Commented By: Grace On: 29-06-2018

Wow. At your age, not many people could think about homeschooling this seriously. Only you could choose your future. As long as you know exactly what you need, the career you want to pursue, and how to reach your goal, such as you want to work for Government, or run your own business, you should go to school as normal, because in the future you will work with many people, know how to deal with every kind of people, and build relationship for good. instagram education But when you want to do research deeper in a special field, such as mathematics... you should ask your teacher for advice.
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