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Amar Singh-Bipasha Conversation

CNN- IBN received an envelope containing a CD titled Amar Singh Ki Amar Kahani. The CD is said to contain conversations between Amar Singh and Mulayam Singh Yadav and other personalities. The latest reports are that there are also conversations between Singh and Bollywood actress, Bipasha Basu.

Below is the conversation. Check the end.
Amar: Hello.
Bipasha: : (Sing song voice)…Haallloooo…
Amar: : Hello…
Bipasha: : (Sing song voice) Hi…how are you…?
Amar: : (Happy sing song voice) I am fine.
Bipasha: : How've you been? We are talking after a long time right?
Amar: : Yes…
Bipasha: : You've been busy or something?
Amar: : Kaun…bip…
Bipasha: : Bipasha…Bipasha…ya…I saw you twice at that award function…ha ha ha
Amar: : Really?
Bipasha: : So tell me…when are you meeting me?
Amar: : Where do you want to meet baby? I have been very busy.
Bipasha: : You busy?
Amar: : It is very tough.
Bipasha: : It is very tough…ha ha ha…OK.
Amar: : But I will make some time.
Bipasha: : OK sweetie…
Amar: : Very nice of you to have remembered me.
Bipasha: : (Laughs) I toh always remember you.
Amar: : An old man like me.
Bipasha: : Sorry…
Amar: : An old fossil like me…
Bipasha: : Old fossil like you…
Amar: : ya ya…
Bipasha: : I don't think age really matters… Does it?
Amar: : It matters between the legs na?
Bipasha: : (Bursts out laughing) Oh God…ha ha ha ha…all right then…you try removing time now… it's been almost a month now I've not met…
Amar: : Ya we will meet.
Bipasha: : OK… Right, keep in touch. Bye… 

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Commented By: prem On: 18-05-2011

ha good hai ji good.
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