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Is this how you response to your customer- Vodafone

I am using Vodafone mobile service for several years and we are an Enterprise customer for Vodafone. I am basically a very patient human being considering I know how difficult is to work and provide customer service. I work for a $ 64 Billion enterprise and our company is register as Enterprise customer.

I would like to pen down my experience with Vodafone service over several years which has gone from good to bad and to worst. Their Enterprise customer care executive are the people without any motivation to help their customer. Every time I have called them they sound irritated unmotivated and most of the times are very rude. They keep on uttering same thing again and again and if you ask them for more explanation they start to raise their voice to justify their argument.

I called the Vodafone enterprise customer care to raise a complaint for bad network coverage at my residence for last one month.  The problem is that there was Vodafone signal tower close to our home and now that building has been brought down due to redevelopment work. Since then everybody using Vodafone service at my home and my resident complex have been experiencing very bad network coverage. We are unable to make any calls and calls get drop very frequently. I explained this to the customer executive and he said we have taken note of this and somebody from the network team will get in touch with me. He also mentioned I will be getting a SMS with the service request number in next few mins. When I didn’t receive any SMS I called them again and spoke to person name Rahul. When I told him that I have not received any SMS so far for the service number he started raising his voice and kept on telling me that I will receive it in 10-15 minutes. And when I told him to connect me to his floor/supervisor he put me on hold for 5 minutes and then told him very rudely that his supervisor cannot speak to me and I have to wait for 15 minutes to get the SMS. It has been more than 12 hours now and I have not got the SMS for service request.

I am still waiting for somebody to contact me and resolve my issue. Looking at their customer service I feel we need to move to other service provider. We have around 200-300 people in our society who are using Vodafone connections and everybody is facing the network issue with no resolution from Vodafone. People using other service provider such as Airtel, Tata Docomo, MTNL are not having this issue in our society. We are planning to use Mobile Network Portability to move to other service provider if Vodafone doesn’t care to resolve this issue.

I will update my post if I get any further update from Vodafone and I am also planning to share this on every possible social media available so that people are aware of how Vodafone treats their enterprise customer.

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Commented By: Vinay On: 17-10-2013

This is very common problem with Vodafone. The customer care is one of the worst. I moved to Airtel and happy that I moved to Airtel from Vodafone. You can ask everybody in your society to do the same.

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