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Kingfisher- king of good times Thank you
In the last 2 years I have traveled with almost all the domestic Airlines in India. And let me tell you, all are just as awful as other. But my recent experience with Kingfisher while flying from Delhi to Mumbai was a great luxury in the air. Kingfisher is really the king of good times. My Hats off to Vijay Mallya for coming up with such an airlines service. Kingfisher has made traveling experience memorable for many. ..The leg space is much better then other airlines. The staffs are very neatly dress and are very helpful all the time.

The airline is equipped with Dish TV for you to watch your favorite channels on board. The vegetarian food served was delicious. I never tried the non vegetarian stuff so can't say about it. The service crew was very polite and helpful. The air hostess are attractive looking and competent enough in handling their task to the T...Overall a great value for your money and if you are looking forward to traveling in India I would suggest you to avoid other airlines and go for Kingfisher.

They treat you like King!
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