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Love in the time of riots.

You will never see such love ever in your life. This couple is so passionate about each other that they ignore the police and rioters to make love to each other. Not afraid of death, the couple kiss and make out togethere. See their image of love and kiss of death.

The message is clear. Love and not hate each other


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Commented By: chara On: 17-06-2011

well... for some people then yes but some people love is nothing to them, but some people find love one of the nicest thing they have ever gona through, so just listen to your heart and see what you can find xx

Commented By: Varma On: 17-06-2011

The chic is pretty cool.
Commented By: Claire On: 17-06-2011

That is lust and not love. Nice way to get your pictures across the globe.
Commented By: Ron On: 17-06-2011

Well...People that can make it in the midst of a riot are not necessarily paragons of romantic virtue. Just see what NEW riot would ensue if someone pulled horny guy off horny girl.

Commented By: Van On: 17-06-2011

I was there and seen that with my own eys. This happened in Vancouver.
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