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My first Kiss

My first kiss was when I was 15 with my first real boyfriend who was 17. My parents thought he was too old for me so we had to sneak. We were going together for about 3 weeks. He lives like a 3 minute walk away from me. So one night he snuck over and we had a house full of people I was so scared. I came outside and waited for 5 minutes for him to come out of the bushes but he never came so I went In the house. Later he told me he saw me he was just scared to come. Then 15 mins later he came to the other side of my house and had to walk through a bunch of bushes and trees and stuff. Then I was really nervous and he was like come here and I came and we kissed for a few mins under the street light.

My first kiss with my current boy friend of a yr and 8 months I feel was more romantic. I saw him as a friend but one day me and my mom was going to the fair. She kept asking me did I wanna bring anybody. Me and him were really close but I would of never saw him like that, we were actually talking before I had left to go to the fair and she said he wanted to come. But anyways I asked my mom could he come so we got there rode rides and stuff. Then we only had a few tickets left so wasn't much to do then he was like wanna ride the ferris wheel. I said uhh Idk. But eventually rode It and nothing happened. We then played a few games he won me 2 stuffed animals and I won him one too. Then he was like wanna ride the ferris wheel again, we did. And when It stopped at the top In front of the moon he said something I can't remember and we kissed twice. And I thought the fireworks thing was stupid but I really felt It with him, but never would have expected It with him of all people. Couple of days later we got together and I couldn't be happier I love him with all my heart and couldn't Imagine myself with anyone else. :) sorry Its so long lol

Please share yours if you can.

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Commented By: kiss On: 06-07-2011

i kissed many- lips, tongue, boobs, neck, back,.. no not on the pussy.. i enjoy kissing... my gf likes it too ..
Commented By: Ray On: 30-06-2011

Hahaa..My first kiss was when i was in second grade. There was this really funny boy that i had a crush on. We all went outside for lunch. I sat by him and we shared our snacks and everything. Then i told him he was cute. He kissed me on the cheek and ran inside the building. I was very confused that day.

Commented By: Catalina On: 30-06-2011

Well, my first kiss was with one of my close guy friends. We were watching a play together at our high school and we were on the stairs cuddling. The play was ending and so we kind of sat up and it just kind of happened...It was more of a peck on the lips then a full on kiss though. But I'm happy about it anyway(:

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