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Open Letter to Microsoft & Satya Nadella

Microsoft & its Indian born CEO Satya Nadella announced that they are going to cut around 18000 jobs cut across various roles and division in Microsoft. The biggest job cut ever in history of Microsoft since the year it was founded in the 1970s.

 This was inevitable, not because of the market circumstance or Microsoft losing its positions as the software leader, but primarily due to appointment of Satya Nadella. It is deep rooted in Indian culture that to hide your own back and lack of vision, blame others for not doing their work and Satya Nadella is no exception. Check out WIPROS, INFOSYS, HCLS, SATYAMS the company run by an Indian. Every quarter they have 1000s of job cut and still innovation is ZERO! I hope Microsoft does not go their way or the first step has already been taken by Satya!

When the leaders are not sure on his own leadership qualities he/she looks at other end of spectrum to find a way to keep his/her position intact. And the easiest way to do that is cut other jobs/salary and keep your own job protected and undamaged. And that's what Satya Nadella has done. He declared the biggest job cut of 18000 employees from Microsoft. It will be exciting to see how many of the CTO, COO, CFO, DIRECTORS jobs are cut in those 18000 jobs! I believe none it is only junior rank people from whom you expect all the modernizations and hard work that will be affected.

The current Microsoft CEO Satya I say, lacks a right vision to transform or take this company forward. Just look at some of the steps that Satya Nadella CEO of Microsoft has taken since his selection in Jan 2014

1.      He went back and requested Bill Gates to assist or join them at Microsoft. Now, Steve Ballmer never did that because he was supreme confident leader and knew his job at Microsoft, but Satya lack vision and confidence, hence needed some stout person like Bill Gates to assist him. Which again is a bad move. Bill Gates has moved away from technology and consumers products. I am sure today he can sense the pulse of suffering of people, nations, children with polio much better than he ever understand technology in his life.

2.      Satya says, “Our Industry does not respect tradition, it respects innovation!” Well what has he done to innovate so far?

Cloud first, mobile first is his mantra to innovate or regular cutting of job is the next biggest innovation that we are going to see from Microsoft on regular basis. I have strong feeling that later will be true in coming days

3.      Announce the biggest invocation/decision   of his career - 18000 Jobs cut across Microsoft, the biggest in its history. Steve Ballmer might be thinking that he did much better then him and might be jumping out of his bed and doing his famous hip hop jump!! I can hear your voice Steve saying “ BALLMER BALLMER BALLMER & BALLMER”

Microsoft since long has been a leader in personal and enterprise computing when its focus was to make life easier and simpler. Now the focus has change to copy others irrespective of what your customer wants from you. Microsoft has lost its touch from consumers and they have alienated people big time who are not using their products. To a consumer a great company is not measured by who are using your products and services but how you as organization are bringing new consumer to use your product. It’s the new user that you bring under your blanket will make difference to a company’s growth and not your prevailing customer. Though both are important.

The current generation of user will not buy what you give them, you need to give them what they want! And since long Microsoft has been developing products that only satisfy their product managers, CTO, and the CEOs whereas the consumer interest was thrown out of its famous “WINDOWS”.

Satya, I know you are capable leader and will take better decision as you get more accustom to that HOT CEO seat, but till then make sure you do not take sweeping and reckless decision that makes millions of people like me to start raising serious doubt on your leadership qualities. Coming up with catchy slogans, mantra and bombarding the world with it is acceptable as long as you back it up with your innovations. However, Today I don’t see that is the case with Microsoft.

I love this company for what it is has done in the past, hope they will again be the leader of consumers and not the necessary the market leader.

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