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PAN number of Landlord for HRA

If you are paying the rent to your landlord and getting the HRA allowances every month, you are eligible for the tax exemption as per the prescribed limit of HRA exemption. If you want to get the benefits, you must submit the rent receipts to your employer every year at the time of tax proofs collection. If you don’t have much idea on this exemption, please read about HRA exemption carefully and submit your rent receipts, it would save you lot of money from the tax payment.

Till the last year, you can submit the any amount as the rent without additional documents except the rent receipts. But, in the latest regulation, if your total rent payment exceeds Rs.180000 in a year (it means Rs.15000 per month), you have to submit the PAN card copy of the landlord.

In the case, if the landlord doesn’t own a PAN card, he must sign the self declaration saying that he don’t have the PAN card and that copy must be submitted to the employer to get the HRA exemption.  This would enforce the tenants to inform the landlords to get the PAN if they don’t have.


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Commented By: kamaljeetsingh On: 07-12-2012

Commented By: kamaljeetsingh On: 07-12-2012

Commented By: Nitin On: 27-01-2013

We are a small firm for our employees we collect PAN # for those who have submitted rent of more than 1,80,000 a year. Do we need to file the PAN # to tax authorities or is this included in some form

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