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Postmortem of Ram-Babri judgement
This is one of most hilarious, outrageous judgment ever to come out from any court of law. Is this a ruling of court or a political or a tyrant ruling?

I admire these judges and their idiocy in giving a judgment that once again proves; division is always the best way to rule and fool people. Be it 18th century British rule or the most advance 21st century.

Talking of faith of Hindus that Lord Ram was born at the place exactly where the Central dome of the Babri mosque once stood explains the strength of their belief. Now, how can some one be sure to point to the exact place of a human birth some thousands centuries ago? ASI stamped the belief of Hindus and we all know how efficient ASI is.

Did anyone was witness or is their any written document that proves the exact 20 inch of space of Ram’s birth? The ruling is against the Indian Muslim, it sends them signal that you will always be consider as child of Babar and never be an Indian.

The Hindus always wanted to build the temple in place of the Babri Mosque, and they would have change the constitution even if the verdict had gone against them.

I always thought court believe and relies on proof and not on faith of people. But India can surprise you and this is what it did. Now what about the faith of 2 billion Muslims? If we go by this judgment then every mandir in Islamic countries like Pakistan, Indonesia, and Bangladesh will have to pave way for mosque. Why not? Muslims are in majority in these countries and their faith out numbers the faith of minority.

The waqf board will approach the supreme court of India, and I can predict the judgment of Supreme Court. There will be no change to the present judgment.

All I want to say to my Muslims bro and sis, please maintain peace and pray to Allah to give you patience to bear the humiliation of Babri Mosque demolition. But make a point that we and our children and grand children never forgets the true history of the Babri Mosque and there is only ONE – there was a Mosque for 500 years and Hindu fundamentalist demolish it in the year 1992. The reason I say it is because History in this country is manipulated every 5 years, and I am afraid the Babri will be remember just as a structure by Indian Historians to go with the faith of Hindus. But one good thing about history is, it always repeat itself.

May Allah bless India and Indian people.
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Commented By: Isaac On: 01-10-2010

Everyone know that the idol of Ram was place by opening the locks of Masjid on 22 December 1949 and we still have pictures of Masjid demolition.

What else proof the court needs about the existence of Masjid there since the time of Babar.

But I dont agree with you that Muslims are not Indian. They are Indian and have same rights as any other citizen of this country.
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