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Pravin Mahajan killer of Pramod Mahajan is dead
Pravin Mahajan, serving life imprisonment for killing his brother and BJP leader Pramod Mahajan, died at Jupiter hosp
ital on Wednesday due to brain haemorrhage.

Fifty-year-old Pravin was shifted to the Jupiter Hospital in Thane 15 days ago from Nashik Central Jail after his condition turned critical.

Pravin's immediate family members, who live in Nagpur, are reportedly flying down to Mumbai.

According to hospital authorities, Pravin was suffering from extensive pontine haemorrhage and put on life support.

Pravin Mahajan came into public attention on April 22, 2006 after he fired at his brother Pramod Mahajan with a .32 Browning pistol inside the latter's apartment in Mumbai following a dispute.

In the incident, four bullets were fired. The first missed Pramod Mahajan but the other three were lodged in his liver and pancreas, damaging several internal organs. Pramod Mahajan died after struggling for his life for 13 days, on May 3, 2006.

Pravin Mahajan surrendered at the Worli Police Station in Mumbai after the shooting.

The police claimed that it was a premeditated attack born out of resentment built up over a long time.

Pravin Mahajan accused his brother of "ignoring and humiliating him, and not giving him his due". He also felt neglected and suffered from an inferiority complex because he was the poorer younger brother of a much famous elder brother.

Pravin Mahajan was charged with murder under Sec. 302 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). However, Pravin told the court that he had not shot bullets at his brother.

On December 18, 2007, Pravin was sentenced to life imprisonment.
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Commented By: huin On: 05-03-2010

Sad news
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