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Review Nokia Lumia 920

I had booked my Nokia Lumia 920 Black from Indiatimes (official reseller of Nokia in India) on 11th Jan and got it delivered today with Bill/warranty etc which I will be filing expense for as per the 3rd option we had. Just thought I would share the 1st set of experiences.


  • First regarding the SIM, started by trying to cut but ended up not so well least for me.....I'd say....DOn't keep high hopes on cutting sim to make it micro as explained on youtube, most times wont work as advertised in videos (at least didn't for me for my 920 even after following step by step instructions with template copy etc), looks like you might get lucky but if you miss by even a mm here or there, the chip contacts don't align and phone says Invalid SIM, its not even an open /accessible slot where you can adjust, its just a slider slot..... and then you will be stuck without any SIM for few hrs till you can get 1 and get activated from your carrier. I called AIrtel to check what we need to do, they asked me to go to nearest ARC with address+ID proof and 1 PP photo, did that and they gave me the micro SIM for 35/-, worked with WIFI for next few hrs till it got activated (took 3 hrs but saw a couple folks fighting in ARC that their sim did not get activated after 8 hrs, so be ready for more...) 


  • have seen few ..screen hang and restart issues,,, not sure if they are back in like WP7 RTM days, especially during meeting invite popups, incoming call etc., not very rampant but lest say 1 every 20-30 popups/calls,  probably have to wait for another major update for WP8 too :-( ..... till then have to settle for power off/on(in 920 you can't take out battery, there is a key combination to power off/on thankfully though - volume down + power for 10 seconds)


  • powering off - using the above mentioned key (guessing might be same even for manual battery removal power off on 820) has a stupid after effect, data doesn't get reset however the setting to whether set the clock automatically gets reset to true which in turn sets an odd date/time of 1 Sep 2012, so each time you power off (not the usual screen swipe power off) you have to reset date/time, eeeesh!! :-( 


  • there are app compatibility issues across WP7 to WP8, not all apps you would have used on WP7 are compatible on WP8, some would hang/crash, some might have resolution issues, few will work satisfactorily. So you might be disappointed if you can't live/were in love with any particular app on WP7 and the dev didn't redo it for WP8. Best way forward is to go with a mindset of not depending on any existing app and exploring/using only new WP8 apps, expecting anything called "migration" app by app... might give you nightmares :-(


  • ways to install paid apps back on to WP8 aren't straightforward, found only 1 way till now - while the WP8 is connected to PC visit -> login with your Microsoft account, go to -> Purchase History -> click on Reinstall link on EACH app :-( - interestingly this does NOT need any app, just this link works/installs app on WP8 ( what is a bit worse though regarding buying new apps, if we click to buy any app - (not trial - actually paying via CC) it currently says Microsoft online service is not available currently - not sure if this is temporary or an issue due to using Hotmail account setup for US location on a Nokia India based phone? - am using the same Live ID I used on WP7 - now called Microsoft Account?)


  • Calling Live ID - Microsoft account seems to have a stupid after effect - basically now whether you add a Hotmail or Live or (not the Exchange a/c) account it calls it a Microsoft account in the list, so difficult to identify (unless you closely look at UPN below) if you have more than 1 Microsoft account on same phone.


  • Not really sure but this happened for me, if you buy a micro SIM, put it in and wait for activation, when it activates phone might switch off, might have to keep checking and switch back on.


  • Brightness - The Auto setting seems dimmer than auto of Mozart, so much so that I concluded I can't use that as default. Changed to Medium which seems to be the minimum that is usable. Of course might have to change to brightest option when outdoors.


  • have had AIrtel signal reception issues with Mozart in my Aptmt, really sad to not notice any perceivable difference in signal reception on Nokia - thus confirmed its simply a WP8 issue as wife's Nokia Symbian + another Motorola sets work perfectly fine with full signals :-(
  • Now comes syncing your data, email accounts will sync well coz they sync from email servers. However, Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos, Podcasts etc, syncing them from your PC to phone is a pain :-( . Zune is suddenly made dead , it doesn't even recognize WP8 when you connect your lumia WP8 to PC having Zune...., no apps on XP, Vista etc to sync (if you are still on one of those OS you can just drag/drop files in phone disk), only 1 app (newly made, very immature) for Win7 and 8 (nothing for RT :-( ), and sync experience using that is much worse than Zune. In fact if you are thinking to migrate your music+video (if you ever maintained a collection on WP7) from WP7 to WP8 - thats not super easy. Interestingly the WP8 now appears as a separate disk in explorer even without any app, however drag dropping music+videos etc like that makes for a very odd recognition of ARtists, Album etc and the best thing one would use to avoid such a pain which is Playlists can't be dragged dropped because your Zune playlist files are not recognized anymore (*.zpl). Of course you can forget everything you had on your WP7 Music and organize as per the new sync app working song by song :-(

  • The Xbox Music and Games icon are always green, never care about theme/accent color and hence those Greens stick their necks out unless you are using Green accent. :-(

  • Phone showed up as about 70-80% charged when came out of box, have been about 6 hrs at this point total and about total 4 hours of continuous exploring and battery is almost down to last 10-20%, so doesn't seem like battery is awesome, may be slightly better than Mozart but definitely not ages ahead.
  • Sorry for listing down all negative issues first but that’s the order I faced them in so thought to maintain the order...Once I got past all above issues, slowly started to notice the goodness as well 1 by 1.

  • apps are the nicest surprise and most exciting aspect you will notice on Lumia, in fact Nokia has an app to suggest latest and best apps including India based apps  
  • especially for 920, camera and its apps are superb  
  • there are even some very very basic Nokia apps  (some of these will only show up as updates later and will have to update from store) - Transfer my data, access point, accessories, Nokia Care, extras+info, etc Transfer my data is to get contacts+sms from another supported Bluetooth phone [obviously Mozart is NOT a supported phone so this sounds useless for us unless you are migrating from Android/BB/Symbian etc], "access point" is to save/map particular APN settings per SIM so they gets applicable if and when you change SIMs, similarly "accessories" is to save/map settings for accessories.

  • then comes the amazing Camera and navigational apps, especially for 920, you could be playing with camera apps for at least an hour before you move on


  • and finally the killer - Nokia Music, the music store with download+play option for lacs of songs for free, coupled with mix radio based on genres/artists etc is just too good that you can't live without and any music lover will get addicted to within a few minutes, have randomly searched around 100 songs in categories as International pop, rock, jazz, classical, Indian classical, Carnatic classical, Bollywood, old songs, new hindi pop, all India regional  etc etc etc and still haven't managed to find something that’s not in there... will definitely have to buy this beauty after the 1 year free subscription expires.


  • you can now save predefined SMS responses and use them to respond to your incoming calls.  
  • some Mozart apps you might miss like me - Stocks, Converter, Sound enhancer....   
  • still exploring.....will share more if something really important comes up.....
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