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Review of HeroPanti movie

Yet another star son makes a much anticipated Bollywood debut this year in the form of Tiger Shroff, son of superstar Jackie Shroff, who makes his entry with the Sajid Nadidawala produced ‘Heropanti’. Directed by Sabbir Khan, this film has another debutante Kriti Sanon as the female lead. ‘Heropanti’ has released today and so let’s see how it is.


Choudhary (Prakash Raj) is a powerful Jat of Haryana who is absolutely against love marriages. He has two daughters Renu and Dimpy (Kriti Sanon) and incidentally, one day, his elder daughter Renu elopes on her wedding day. In retaliation, Choudhary kidnaps all the best friends of the guy who eloped with his daughter.

Bablu (Tiger Shroff) is one happy go lucky guy who is one of the kidnapped best friends and during his captivity in Choudhary’s house, he invariably falls in love with Choudhary’s younger daughter Dimpy. As expected, Dimpy also too falls for Bablu after a while.

Will Choudhary be able to find Renu? Will Dimpy and Bablu be able to fight and convince Choudhary to accept their love? The answer to these questions is what the rest of ‘Heropanti’ is all about…

Plus Points:

The basic storyline of the film is interesting and the manner in which the director has penned down the screenplay in the first half is also decent. A few things including the interval block is exciting and builds some curiosity amongst the audience.

I cannot resist but salute Tiger for all the hard work he has put in to get a superb physique and learn some good action and dance moves for his debut. He definitely has the ability to do better as he performs some good action scenes and displays good dancing skills which was clearly visible in the trailers.

Kriti, the lead actress of the film, is beautiful as hell. If you are a boy, you won’t be able to take your eyes off her waistline and if you are girl, you won’t stop envying her every time she comes onscreen. Not just her looks, Kriti has also done tremendously well in the acting department.

Minus Points:-

Being his first movie, Tiger seems jittery in some scenes and needs a lot of work in the dialogue and lip-sync department. If you have seen the trailers and are eagerly waiting for some good action in the film, then let us tell you that the only action you will get to is what is already being shown in the trailers.

Another minus for the movie is that there is more chemistry between Tiger and Prakash, than the leads Kriti and Tiger. The romance shown in the movie is tasteless and does not have any substance. Prakash Raj appears as an emotional character in the film, which I must say is a little hard to digest. Interestingly, Prakash cries more than the lead actress of the film.

The biggest negative about the movie is that it’s too slow-paced without any good screenplay to offer. The story is bland and so are some of the characters.

Technical Aspects:

Direction by Sabbir Khan is good in the first half, but he could have seriously worked on the characterization and screenplay a bit more. It is difficult to sit through the torture that the second half’s screenplay has to offer.

There is no drama in the movie and it seems like a one line story has been extended into a two and a half hour film. The best part about the film is its music, but the problem here again is the placement of songs since apart from ‘Tabah’, none of the songs fit well into the narrative. The cinematography is good, but the editing is not at all sharp in the second half.

The climax of the film is ambiguous and a bit confusing and we felt that the director was bored as well by the end that he ended up choosing to insert a tweaked version of the famous DDLJ climax.


Overall, ‘Heropanti’ is one film which was made as a perfect launch pad for Tiger Shroff. He gets ample scope for showcasing his acting and dancing skills. Apart from this, ‘Heropanti’ suffers from a lack of drama and the so called masala entertainment. Watch it if you have nothing else to do!


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