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Wikipedia Deleting Maria interview on Sachin Tendulkar

Hi Guys and my Indian friends,

Recently we all know the controversy created by Maria Sharapova when asked if she know who Sachin Tendulkar was who was present at Wimbledon to watch her play. Maria said she didn’t knew who the great Tendulkar is? Read her interview here

This was extensively disapproved by many great past and present sportsman around the world. It also hurt the feelings of billions of Indian around the world who consider Sachin as the greatest player and sportsman the world has seen since Muhammad Ali and Don Bradman.

So to bring out this obliviousness of Maria Sharapova I had posted a link to the news of her interview on her Wikipedia page so that it become known to the her and to the World that her action has hurt the sportsman and people around the world. And guess what some Western moderator on Wikipedia who consider Wiki page of Maria Sharapova as his own personal property deleted my link saying that Sachin Tendulkar achievement is small and he is not famous outside India. It hurt me so much that I decided to take to it to the Wikipedia moderator and was shock to see his thought on Sachin Tendulkar who is consider as demi GOD by billions of Indian.

Below the conversation I had with Wikipedia moderator. I request you all to comment on this so that I can take this up further with higher authorities at Wikipedia and restore the respect of our great sportsman. Click here to view the Wikipedia Reply on Sachin

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