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Change Password complexity in Windows 2008 R2

How to Change Password complexity in Windows 2008 R2? Many a times you don't want to remember and have complex password in your dev or test environment or on lab machine. So here is how you can change the password complexity on your domain controller.

In Administrative Tools, select “Group Policy Management”, edit your default domain policy to your preferences and you’re set.  A quick step by step:

1)  Under Administrative Tools on your domain controller, run Group Policy Management

2)  Drill down to expand your domain and select it.  Then in the right pane, edit the Default Domain Policy by right-clicking on it and selecting “edit”

3)  A new window has opened for the Group Policy Editor.  Expand “Computer Configuration” > “Policies” > “Windows Settings” > “Security Settings” > “Account Policies” > “Password Policies”.

4) Open the command prompt and type gpupdate /force

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