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How do Indian Makeup

Putting on makeup is a kind of right of passage for girls. Though, having a basket that is overflowing with makeup materials does not mean you know how to use them. Applying makeup is like a drawing, which when learnt, can make all the difference between looking like a coloring book or a magnificent Greek goddess.

How Do You Start?

Individuals have diverse methods in which they put on makeup and there really isn't a hard and fast rule about an order that you need to follow while doing it. A decent exercise is to start with the skin. You can then move on to the eyes and then, the lips. Another point to make note of is to not put on sheets of makeup. Keep the makeup minimal to look your finest.

Begin with a Moisturizer

Many women are attracted to dive into wearing creamy foundations and concealers right from the start but it is really a bad idea. When you moisturize your face you'll find that the foundation mergers smoothly with your skin and there won't be any dry patches. Use a foundation primer after the moisturizer to fill fine lines or pores.

Getting That Healthy Glow

Once you're done applying the moisturizer, primer, and foundation move on to the concealer. If you have a rough skin tone or dim under-eyes, fill those spots with a concealer that matches your skin tone. If you're pale-skinned then its a good idea to use a blush to get that rosy glow. Or if you're sporting a tanned look, dust some bronzer on your cheeks. You can then pat some powder so your makeup sets totally.

Eyes That Stand Out

Starting with the eyebrows, pull out any abandoned hair that's present with a pair of tweezers. If there are any gaps in the brow, fill it with a brow pencil. Use an eyeliner to enhance an outline to your eyes and then apply the eye shadow. You can try a nude look for the mornings and a thicker one during the night-time. Finish your eye makeup  by curling your eyelashes and add a touch of mascara.

For Luscious Lips

Draw an outline with a lip-liner on your natural lip line. Fill the lowermost lip with a lipstick or gloss and smack your lips shut. Lipstick or gloss stays on longer when you fill your lips with a liner first.

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