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How to Add Web server Role in Windows 2012

Windows 2012 has been release. And I get lot of questions on how to configure IIS web server role on Windows 2012. So I thought I will write details of adding web server Role to windows 2012.

Questions: How to Install Web server role in windows 2012 Server?


1.       Click on Server Manager icon in the task bar

2.       You will see the Dashboard as below


3.       Click on “Add roles and features”


4.       Click Next


5.       Select Role Base or Feature Based installation and click Next

6.       Select the server where you want to add Web server role

7.       From the Roles list select Web Server (IIS)

8.       Click on “Add Features” Button


9.       Select .Net Framework 3.5 Features if you are using .net 3.5 or .Net Framework 4.0 Features and click Next

10.       Click Next

11.       On the Role services Select the Role page, select the services you want. I have selected some extra services such as IIS 6.0 Management console and HTTP redirection. You can leave default and click Next

12.       Click Install

13.       Once the installation is complete you will below screen

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Commented By: Anup On: 17-10-2012

Thanks for this lovely article on IIS on windows 2012
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