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Kim Sharma with husband enjoying life

Where is Kim Sharma these days? So finally we know where is Kim Sharma!. Kim Sharma is now Mrs. Kim Sharma Punjani. The groom in question is the rich tycoon from Kenya, Ali Punjani. The pair decided to tie the knot after dating for a while. Kenyan business tycoon Ali Badrudin Punjani. Mr Ali Punjani is reflected to be one of the richest men in Kenya and has commercial interests in the hotel industry, commodities, real estate and transport. He has properties and real property throughout the world including Kenya, the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and India. Kim Sharma said she is very happy to be married to Ali Punjani. She was ex girlfriend of Yuvraj Singh



Kim is enjoying her married life by being a ‘responsible’ wife. I feel more grounded and secure now. I love spending time with my husband. Running a house isn’t an easy job and running a hotel is even tougher. My day starts with looking after the household needs after which I spend the day at the hotel and with my husband,” she says.

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Commented By: Bella On: 12-09-2018

It's nice to see this. Nothing's better than enjoying life everyday
Commented By: linda On: 28-11-2018

Welcome back login hotmail ! Where have you been? Since you've been here before you should know all the rules and we should have your details so comment away.

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