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Some common LDAP queries

LDAP Filters for Active Directory Environments

AD - Computers:

AD - Contacts

AD - Domain Controllers

AD - Exchange Recipients

AD - Exchange Recipients - hidden

AD - Exchange Recipients - with FAX address

AD - Exchange Servers

-> Use the AD Forest configuration container as a search base!

AD - Global Catalogs
-> Use the AD Forest configuration container as a search base!

AD - Groups - empty

AD - Groups - security groups

AD - Objects - cant be deleted

AD - Objects - cant be renamed

AD - Users

AD - Users (more effective)

AD - Users - disabled

AD - Users - dont require password

AD - Users - mail enabled

AD - Users - password never expires

LDAP Filters for Novell eDirectory Environments

eDirectory - NetWare Servers

eDirectory - NetWare Volumes

eDirectory - ZEN Applications

LDAP Filters for all LDAP Environments (including Active Directory and eDirectory)

LDAP - Groups

LDAP - InetOrgperson


LDAP - Users

LDAP - Users - with Certificates
(&(|(objectClass=inetOrgPerson) (objectClass=user))(userCertificate=*))

LDAP - Users - with Passwords
-> For generic LDAP environments

LDAP - Users - without Mailaddress
-> For generic LDAP environments

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